Reflection 14

  1. Define the KEY TERMS in this Module:

Standardized Tests-Tests that have uniform procedures for administration and scoring and often allow a student’s performance to be compared with the performance of other students at the same age or grade level on a national basis

Norm group-The group of individuals previously tested that provides a basis for interpreting a test score

Norm-referenced tests– Standardized tests in which a student’s score is interpreted by comparing it with how others (the norm group) performed

Criterion-referenced tests– Standardized tests in which the student’s performance is compared with established criteria

Validity– The extent to which a test measures what it is intended to measure and whether inferences about the test scores are accurate and appropriate

Reliability– The extent to which a test produces a consistent, reproducible score

Aptitude test– A type of test that is used to predict a student’s ability to learn a skill or accomplish something with further education and training

Achievement test– A test that measures what the student has learned or what skills the student has mastered

Percentile-rank score– The percentage of a distribution that lies at or below the score

Grade-equivalent score-A score that indicates a student’s performance is relation to grade level and months of the school year, assuming a 10-month school year

  1. Think about the controversies related to standardize testing. What challenges or inequities, if any, do you think the students at your site would experience when taking standardized tests? Why do you think this is so?

Many students if they don’t qualify for accommodations on the test would struggle. They have difficulty reading and a fast pace so if it was times that would be a problem they could have. Another is math is not a strong point for most. They can’t use a calculator on these tests and basic math sometimes is hard for them. Most of my students would need more time to finish their test.

  1. To what extent do the teachers at your site prepare students for standardized tests? Are efforts made to align classroom learning with knowledge needed for standardized tests?

Everything we are doing in our class prepares them for the achievement test. They tell them all the time that these things will be on the achievement test and they need to know them. They follow the standards which prepare them for these tests. We also do study island with our students which allows them more practice and gives them the material that will be on these test.

  1. What are some of the central issues that arise in judging the validity of standardized tests with English language learners?

The big thing that could be a problem for these students is the language barrier. Understand the English language could be very challenging for these students so reading questions that are in English could cause confusion and they may not fully ask what the questions are asking.

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